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Cash for classic car cars in any condition.

We buy classic cars all over the United States. If you want to sell a classic car any where USA, we would like to hear about the car and the issues. We will try to help you sell a classic car that you need to sell. We buy classic cars not non repaired, you don’t need to fix a car to sell it. If your car was driving a while ago and now it’s not running we can buy it as-is. If you want to know how to sell a car for fast cash give us a quick phone call.

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Pumkin Panic Lite

Pumkin Panic Lite

Pumkin Panic Lite
KV Graphics~~At midnight on Halloween, the pumpkins start coming to existence…You are by yourself in your vehicle with a bag of candy bars… you can see the evil pumpkins coming to life in the graveyard pumpkin patch… if they can get out of the graveyard they will spill out onto the streets stealing candy from all of the trick-or-treaters, creating panic wherever they go!!Only you can quit the evil pumpkins. By hitting them with candy bars, you can result in them to turn out to be excellent yet again and to return to the graveyard pumpkin patch. View out even though if they hit hit you with a dagger or a cleaver, it will cost you some candy bar! A lot of retro game enjoyable for kids of all ages!If you like this lite edition, you need to get the complete edition! The total version is obtainable in the iTunes APP Retailer, just search for “Pumpkin Panic”.You can discover all of our other Alien Arcade video games in the iTunes APP Retailer by search for “KV Graphics” or search for the video games individually by names: Nerdoids, Quasar Klutzes, Andromedroids, or Fungus Patrol. Or, you can purchase Alien Arcade Classic and get the total authentic set of 6 games – you get: Nerdoids, Quasar Klutzes, Stink Snakes of Saturn, Andromedroids, Quasar Rain, and Fungus Patrol!All of the games are simple to play, safe and sound for players of all ages and enjoyable for everyone!

Value: $ .00
Marketed by Apple iTunes