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Stitchway Micro-USB Ultrapower Backup Battery Charger – 2300 mAh

Stitchway Micro-USB Ultrapower Backup Battery Charger – 2300 mAh

Keep your micro-USB device powered up at all times with the Stitchway Micro-USB Ultrapower Backup Battery Charger. Simply connect the Ultrapower Backup Battery Charger to a power source to charge, and you can slip it in your bag or pocket to give your device that extra battery boost, wherever you are. What’s more, the Stitchway backup battery charger charges via micro-USB and Mini-USB. The Stitchway Micro-USB Ultrapower Backup Battery Charger features indicator lights that let you know when your device is fully charged and how much battery power it has remaining. Phone Compatibility: F160,,NOOK,9520 Storm 2, 9500 Storm, 8220 Pearl Flip, 8900 Curve Javelin, 9700 Bold, 8520 Curve, 9800 Torch, 8530 Curve, 9530 Storm, 9630 Tour, 9650 Bold, 9550 Storm 2, 8230 Pearl Flip, 9780 Bold, Curve 3G, 9670 Style, 9100 Pearl 3G, 9105 Pearl 3G Talk, 9330 Curve 3G, 9900 Bold 4G, 9850 Torch, 9930 Bold, 9810 Torch, 9360 Curve, 9900 Bold 4G, 9860 Torch, 9350 Curve, 9370 Curve, 9380 Curve, 9790 Bold, Curve 9220,,Ravine C751, Commando C771, Ravine 2,,Kindle 3, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Fire, Kindle,,iPAQ Glisten, TouchPad,,Desire, HD Mini, Legend, Shift, Aria, Google Nexus One, T8585, HD2, My Touch 3G Slide, Droid Incredible, Hero, Max 4G, EVO 4G, Comet, HD7, My Touch 4G, G2, Inspire 4G, Sensation 4G, Surround, Wildfire, ThunderBolt, Freestyle, Evo Shift 4G, Arrive, Droid INCREDIBLE 2, Merge, Trophy, HD7S, 7 Pro, EVO 3D, Status, My Touch 4G Slide, Wildfire S, My Touch HD, Rhyme, Amaze 4G, Desire HD, Radar 4G, EVO Design 4G, Vivid, Flyer, Jetstream, Flyer, Evo View 4G, Titan, My Touch, 7 Mozart, Desire Z, Incredible S, Rezound, Titan II, Raider 4G, One S, One X, EVO 4G LTE, DROID Incredible 4G LTE, Desire C,,Impulse 4G, Ascend, U8220, Express, Mercury, M735, M835, Pinnacle, Pillar, Ascend 2, Sonic, C8650, Honor, Prism, E587, Activa 4G,,Stone Bluetooth, BT4010, SP200, BT2080, BT2070,,SCP-8600 Zio, M9300 Echo, M6000 Zio, Sanyo Vero, Brio, DuraMax, DuraPlus, Milano, DuraCore, Presto, S2300 Torino, E3100 Rio, S1300 Melo, Jax, M200 G2GO, S4000 Mako, E110 Neo, Rise, Hydro, S1310 Domino, DuraXT,,AX155, AX265, AX300, AX500 Swift, AX585 Rhythm, AX840 Tritan, UX220, UX265, CU515, GR500, GW820, Shine 2, Vu Plus, GS390 Prime, Encore, GU292, Xenon, ARENA, GS170, GD570 dLite, GS505 Sentio, Fathom VS750, VS740 Ally, VX11000 EnV Touch, VX9200 EnV3, VX8575 Chocolate Touch, VX5600 Accolade, VN250 Cosmos, VX7100 Glance, VX5500, VX8560 Chocolate 3 , VX9700 Dare, LX610 Lotus Elite, LX290, LX400(Nextel), LX610, LN240 Remarq, LN510 Rumor Touch , GU295, KP570, ME770, CF360, CT810 Incite, AX830, LX600 Lotus, LX370, KE970, LX265 Rumor 2 , VX9600 Versa, VX8610 Decoy, CU915 VU, VX9100 EnV2, VX10000 Voyager, VX8800 Venus, Neon, Invision, LX570 Muziq, UX260, VX8360, KG800, CP150, CE110, GD710 Shine 2, 220C, LX400, AX275, AX380 Wave, VX8600, VX8500 Chocolate, VX8550, CF750 Secret, GR500 Xenon, VS910 Revolution, US760 Genesis, P999 G2x, P506 Thrive, UN200 Saber, P505 Phoenix, Optimus V, Optimus U, Banter Touch, Optimus M, Optimus S, VN270 Cosmos Touch, Apex, Axis, Optimus T, VN251 Cosmos 2, Vortex, VN150 Revere, Quantum, Octane, UX280 Wine, UX300, G-Slate, UX585 Rhythm, Enlighten, My Touch Q, DoublePlay, Marquee, Thrill 4G, Optimus 3D, Neon II, My Touch, Nitro HD, Extravert, Spectrum, Viper 4G LTE, Optimus Black, Connect 4G, Rumor Reflex, Lucid, Select, Beacon, Esteem, Optimus Slider, 102, A340, Xpression, Optimus Elite, Optimus 3D MAX,,HFB-500 Solar Car Kit, HBM-210, HBM-560, HBM-810, MSB-100, ,C3, N900, N97 Mini, X3, X6, 2700 Classic, N86 8MP, 1006, N97, N85, 3610, C6, E52, 5630 XpressMusic, 2705 Shade, 7205 Intrigue, 7705 Twist, 8600 Luna, 3710 Fold, 6216 Classic, 6600i Slide, 6700 Classic, 6260 Slide, 3600 Slide, 3610 Fold, N96, 7900 Prism, 7900 Crystal Prism, 6350, 6750 Mural, 2605 Mirage, 6205, 6205 Dark Knight Edition, 1680 Classic AC-8U, Astound, Lumia 710, Lumia 900, C1-02, C1-01, Asha 305, Asha 306, Asha 311,,Pre, Pixi, 650 Treo, 680 Treo, 700p Treo, 700w Treo, 750 T

Price: $ 29.99
Sold by All4Cellular

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