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2013 Ford Mustang GT vs V6 Mustang 0-60 MPH Mile High Mashup Test

( www.TFLcar.com ) What’s the fastest Mustang you can buy from 0-60 MPH @ 1 mile above sea level. Is it the 2013 V8 Ford Mustang GT or the V6 Mustang? The answer of course is the Mustang GT as it has 100 more horsepower. But you already knew that. What we wanted to find out is just how much faster is not only how much the 2013 Mustang can go to 60 MPH, but also (and perhaps more importunity) how much that extra speed costs. In order to do that we got two 2013 Mustangs together and Mashed them up to find out.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

There’s no taming these wild ponies. They’re both in it to win it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. cheyennedogsoldiers says:

    Lets face it, the V6 will probably be bought by people who just want the looks. Yes I know for less than the price of the V8 you could tune the 6, but honestly, that’s just cheap! And, regardless of how much horsepower the 6 puts out, serious car guys are gonna think you couldn’t afford the extra 2 cylinders.

  2. DANNYMOCKA123 says:

    you guys suck 3 time missed 3rd gear and only got a 6secs 0-60 FOR 5.0 YOU GUYS SUCK AT DRIVING

  3. camshaft53149 says:

    Awsome! cant wait to see em! cmax is a good car im sure (then again im a huge ford fan). Based on your mashup review of the mazda3/focus helped me get a step closer to choosing my vehicle and i bought the 3. the focus was nice just couldnt get over that center stack (w/o ford touch) and the mazda is really really fun to throw into corners! I am always glad to see you guys put new vids out!

  4. NathanDAdlen says:

    Thanks buddy! We’re chomping at the bit to get our paws on a Focus ST. Ford is bringing us to Los Angeles to test the new C-MAX models… so maybe the Focus ST is right after that. Fingers crossed. Thanks for watching!

  5. camshaft53149 says:

    Hey Roman – for every 1 hate message you guys get there is atleast 100 better ones. keep up the good work. tbh my favorite auto reviewers ever. you and nathan are fun to watch and always interesting/entertaining. Also the vids are informative and real life testing unlike half of the other ones. hopefully you guys will test the focus st when it comes out! thanks for all the fun!

  6. MisterMichael0 says:

    @romanmicagearguy I feel really bad with all the hate you videos are getting, your videos are genuine and realistic. Why do people have a problem with that? In the future I hope others realize you guys are showing what to expect when looking to buy/lease a new/used car. Keep up the good work!

  7. NathanDAdlen says:

    I know… it’s easy to cast verbal barbs at others. I mean, I’ve posted two articles and TFLCar has added a Pikes Peak video while you’ve been snarky, sarcastic and nasty. I think that’s enough from me. Tell you what? Make a real video review. Post it on YouTube and I’ll continue my dialogue with you.

  8. NathanDAdlen says:

    Great! Glad to have you on board! You start filming those videos and we’ll help you edit them. I’m sure you’ll make the most out of the topic, just like you optimize the time you’re given each day. Remember: you need to produce at least one video per day. I’m sure you can do it.

  9. Supramna92557 says:

    You sure? I don’t know, maybe you should give those duck videos a whirl and see if you can bump up your views to, 71,000 views per day, huh?

  10. NathanDAdlen says:

    No! How can millions of viewers be wrong!? I think we’re okay without your wisdom… honestly. Glad you’re watching; happy we’re entertaining you!

  11. joey7489 says:

    You are really dumb. Just another ignorant person that knows absolutely nothing about cars.
    Go on wahiduddin and read about DA changes

  12. Supramna92557 says:

    Really? I like Van Damme too, what a small world huh? Yea, I don’t think it’s going to work out so well for you guys. I’d say you stick to duck videos. Let me know once you guys upload them. I’ll give you guys my input.

  13. NathanDAdlen says:

    It’s okay! About four years ago we realized that my bulk equals two golf bags, six footballs and a small cooler. So, The Fast Lane Car uses me as a unit of measurement. Thanks for watching!

  14. NathanDAdlen says:

    I like ducks… and Van Damme. I like ducks that kick like Van Damme! Wait! I got it! We’ll do a show using ducks at high altitude (where power drops — as I’m sure you know) kicking each other!

    We’ll call it “Quackie-Van-Damm-age”!

    Naw, we’ll stick to our guns and do fun, short automotive videos and ignore you. Thanks for watching!

  15. Supramna92557 says:

    Happy to help, you guys just looked like a bunch of orangutans with power tools in your videos. Let me know how the duck breeding works out.

  16. romanmicagearguy says:

    Thanks for your comment. To be honest we’re only getting 70,000 youtube views per day on our channel. But because of your helpful comment we’re going disband the total TFLcar team today and get into duck breeding videos. Thanks so much for your sage advice!

  17. Supramna92557 says:

    You guys do a terrible job @ 0-60 times. Find something else to do, this ain’t your calling.

  18. Gig540 says:

    I cant believe some one asked the question like the one you responded to. It is a sobering reality and total facepalm

  19. kelleredison says:

    Wow, 30 percent loss of horsepower is a lot! And of coarse there is the issue of weight…that can have an effect on 0-60 times as well. Adding an additional 250 pounds into a car like the V6 Mustang will I’m sure would cost an additional second or two as well. But you know what you guys look like your having so much fun in the video what does it really matter! Keep up the good work!

  20. killmallcore32 says:

    I imagine what that car could do with less weight, more power, more torque and better visibility. It’s almost scary to think.

  21. cnj96gt says:

    Pulley intake and exhaust will bring the zl1 to gt500 power for less than $3k. New tires will help the gt500, but it won’t last a 20 minute session without heating up and slowing down.

  22. cnj96gt says:

    There both great. I love my LS3 stroker c6, but I bought a 2013 gt for the wife. Really great car.

  23. IwasrecordedMIA says:

    Have u noticed, ik the gt500 is more money, but all the chevy fanboys r like: YAH IF U PUMPED UP IT’S ENGINE IT WOULD OWN ON DRAG RACES. The thing is Ford built a good car to begin with, and the camaro now needs to upgrade? Man, u chevy fanboys burned yourselves. Ford, Drive further

  24. hypersynchrony says:

    Motor Trend numbers… GT500 quarter-mile in 11.6 seconds @ 125.7 mph. Camaro at 12.1 seconds @ 117.4 mph.

    For reference.. the average Mustang GT was 12.7 @ 111.6.

    The difference between the standard GT and the ZL1 is the same as the ZL1 vs GT. Now THATs sad. Its like a GT owner dissing the GT500.. or a v6 Mustang owner dissing the GT (in handling). The gap between the ZL1 and GT500 are the same.

    People buy these cars not to track.. but to drag. What serious track racer would buy a Camaro?

  25. superbman101 says:

    clearly ford won this one lol Oh! and people keep forgetting, ZL1 = Gas-guzzler tax, less power, weighs more, and your view is obstructed by massive door pillars

  26. 63CorvetteStingray says:

    don’t send it into hennessy, slap a bigger supercharger and let it put out like 8 to 10 psi and power wouldn’t be a problem after that

  27. traxxas35 says:

    so in other words.. they made the cars the same… if only ford put better tires on the gt500, then there would be no competition..

  28. morgande says:

    Not a very good video. The driver doesn’t seem to be able to drift the GT500 around a corner. Commentator believes the GT500 dominates in a straight line, but the ZL1 in ‘everywhere else’ yet provides not test data. Lap times, but not 0-60 or 1/4 mile times. Evidently .5 sec slower around the track is a big deal, but not slower at a drag race. Too much BMW on the brain! Pony cars are suppose to be brutally fast…thats why we love them so much.

  29. itchytasty100 says:

    Who knows with the ZR1 going out of production at the end of the year maybe Chevy will give the ZR1 engine to the ZL1

  30. itchytasty100 says:

    The Boss 302 is getting destroyed by the Camaro 1LE it doesn’t deserve to be compared to the ZL1

  31. JoshuaWright0402 says:

    No it wouldn’t simply because it weighs way more so it needs the same horsepower it has now to close the power to weight ratio with the Boss

  32. svt89 says:

    No it wont the boss losses over 2secs every lap thats alot.Its already been said by mototrend if the zl1 had the same hp as the boss it would still pull better times around the track.

  33. svt89 says:

    You think thats alot i was looking at a E55 amg untill i seen that headers were $7700 lmao and a tune was 2000grand.

  34. scorpiojudo says:

    who does tracking racing (going around corners like that) on the streets? most – if not all – street races are straight lines. Ford had the right idea! Both American Goliaths!

  35. MrPowerbolt09 says:

    Ford has a Mustang for that. You want a competition on the track, get a Boss 302. You want to smoke ’em on the drag strip, get the GT500. Both are great cars, and specialized in their field of competition. However, the Boss 302 could easily punch out 600+ HP with some money thrown into it. All in all, just another classic American muscle match up. :)

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