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Q&A: Ford mustang “88” speedo calibratons question…?

Question by Metre Man: Ford mustang “88” speedo calibratons question…?
ive got a 88 mustang 5 litre, with 3:73 gears, the speedo is calibrated now, the gear in the tranny is changed, i want to add a set of white faced gauges with a 140mph speedo, do i have to replace the whole speedo?? i ve found one for $ 250, i didnt know if they make a tranny gear adapter for 3:73’s and a 140mph speedo……if youve done this let me know thanks..

Best answer:

Answer by Roger N
There’s a little tiny ratio number located on the speedo face or back that tells you what the speedo “gear ratio” is. As long as you match that number, you’ll be ok. As long as you give your vehicle info, the seller should be able to hook you up with the right one.

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