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How to maintain and preserve a perfect black paint job on a classic car?

Question by Saoirse11: How to sustain and preserve a ideal black paint job on a classic car?
My Dad will have finished painting my 1964 EH Holden by next weekend. He has painted it black, and we’ve kept the roof white.

I am following some guidance on how greatest to preserve the paint job. Auto covers, goods that protect the paint while you happen to be driving, best washes/sponges/cloths and so on, any tips at all from men and women who have had black automobiles or have classic cars.

Best answer:

Answer by roger
wait at least 30 days till the paint cures out totally (or the shop who painted it says you can wax it. placing a good coat of wax is your greatest defense a vehicle cover assists by maintaining dust off and aids a lot simply because sun is the large butt kicker when it comes to damaging paint. Dark colors are significantly tougher to preserve clean. choose a day every single other week to wash it, and use a brushless auto wash or hand wash.
It is hard to maintain a paint job seeking perfect for years, mainly you will understand how to do touch ups, you can fill i chips and wet sand smooth and maintain it seeking excellent, If you touch up, or pay a shop to touch up rock chips when a year the automobile will appear good for a long time. Stuff happens, get more than it now, there are people who scratch good vehicles since they are cracked in the head, dont shed it in the parking lot if a person dings your infant, accidents happen, and if some hot babe dings it by accident,ask her on a date. and by no means let some idiot with no automobile, drive your auto ok?

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