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Junk Yards in Chicago, IL Added to National Search System for Used Car Parts Online

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 23, 2015

The national search tool that was activated at the GetYourPart.com company website this year to help auto owners find preowned car parts for sale is now upgraded. Consumers will now have the option of searching for junk yards in Chicago, IL when accessing the finder at http://getyourpart.com/junk-yards-in-chicago-il.

A large source of Cook County yards is now directly searchable through entry of the automotive parts system now available. Since most yards only specialize in used components, auto owners or mechanics seeking OEM vehicle parts that are in new condition could be disappointed. The salvage and junk dealers now available all do business in the state of Illinois.

“Nearly all vehicle manufacturers are represented in the search tool that we provide to help a person find a classic or more modern component for sale,” said one GetYourPart.com rep.

The improvements in the salvage industry through database logging of components and better ways of acquiring parts for retail sale has provided a solid foundation for the GetYourParts.com company. Because inventory is updated from each yard independently, consumers searching the system will always have updated prices.

“Our connections with yards across Illinois and other states has provided a positive search source for the average consumer who cannot find used motor vehicle components in their hometown,” said the rep.

The GetYourPart.com company is planning on expanding in the Midwest during 2015. Small and large businesses have been contracted for inclusion in the company database that is active. Auto owners, mechanics and body shop components buyers will continue to gain entry to the database throughout the year.

About GetYourPart.com

The GetYourPart.com company features one of the largest auto parts databases available publicly on the web. With millions of foreign and domestic components offered for sale, consumers now have easier methods of comparing retail prices. The GetYourPart.com company has worked out arrangements with leading salvage providers to distribute good condition parts nationally.

Chevy OEM Parts Now Sold Online by AutoProsUSA.com

Newark, New Jersey (PRWEB) April 09, 2013

General Motors produces the Chevrolet brand in cars, trucks, SUVs and Hybrid vehicle types. Many of the parts that are used in these vehicles must be purchased solely from GM or authorized sellers to ensure OEM quality. The AutoProsUSA.com company now sells Chevy OEM parts online to buyers in the U.S. and Canada at http://autoprosusa.com/chevy-oem-parts-online.

The GM expansions have made it possible for newer and classic edition vehicles to be purchased worldwide. These sales channels have helped to create more demand for replacement parts for a larger network of buyers.

One way that the new OEM parts added online is expected to help all buyers is through the searchable inventory that is now added. This new company database holds the complete GM inventory currently offered.

The Auto Pros USA company developed a warranty system to help all buyers of parts benefit from added protection. Because the company inventory holds parts of multiples qualities, warranty terms were recently updated to reflect the company offerings. The new policies now offer varying levels of protection for the new, aftermarket, used, performance and OEM parts that are sold to buyers.

Expedited shipment options are now part of the new database of parts sold online. These shipping resources are offered to eliminate any type of problem or delay that could prevent faster delivery. New freight arrangements have been made to ensure that all buyers receive timely delivery of all ordered parts regardless of U.S. or Canadian locations.

About AutoProsUSA.com

The AutoProsUSA.com company provides solutions to buyers online seeking parts in various conditions. This company is a leading retailer for new, used, OEM and aftermarket parts. The import and domestic inventory carried at this company now supplies parts buyers in the United States and Canada. By choosing an affordable price structure, this company has been able to reach more groups of buyers. The AutoProsUSA.com company inventory is updated daily and all shipment incentives offered can be found on the company website as new policies are announced.

Champion Racing Announces Dave Poskes Performance Parts as a New Master Warehouse Distributor

Parkersburg, W.V. (PRWEB) February 11, 2013

Champion Oil, a major player in development and manufacturing of racing and performance lubricants, announced today that Dave Poskes Performance Parts located in Parkersburg, WV is a new Master Warehouse Distributor for Champion Racing and Performance Products.

Dave Poske’s Performance Parts started life as Off Road Equipment Co. in 1978 selling truck 2wd and 4wd accessories. During the oil and natural gas boom of the late 70s the business flourished and provided the momentum needed to expand and grow into the oval track, drag, and street performance parts and exotic race fuels business. In 1993 Off Road Equipment Co. became Dave Poske’s Performance Parts.

Today Poskes occupy approximately 14,000 square ft. of modern offices, warehouse, counter sales, and shipping and receiving areas and are currently serving all 50 states, Canada, and several foreign countries. They are also involved in track-side parts, tire, and fuel sales on a weekly basis giving hands on experience and enabling them to stay in touch with what is going daily in racing.

Visit their Web Site at http://www.poske.com/index.htm or give them a call at 800 430-7223, or visit them at Dave Poske’s Performance Parts -1933 Staunton Turnpike – Parkersburg, WV 26104

Champion Racing Motor Oils contain Champions proprietary TVS® (Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer), special lubricity modifiers, and a premium level of anti-wear additives which includes a high quantity of ZDDP. These additives are proven to meet the lubrication demands of competition engines, create a tough film strength, which controls wear and provides more horsepower and torque in Dynamometer testing. Champion Racing Oils are suitable for use in all competition and race engines especially those using flat tappet and/or roller cams operating at high RPMs and requiring high-pressure valve springs.    

Champion Classic Blue Flame Performance Diesel Oil is a unique hybrid synthetic blend 15W-40 diesel engine oil that combines workhorse high-zinc performance additives, superior protection, advanced polymer technology, and high TBN, supported by a carrier blend of synthetic and conventional base fluids. Performance diesel owners have reported decreased cylinder, cam, and bearing wear in their early model engines, especially in competition diesel engines. Development of this oil included attention to the concentration and synergistic behavior of anti-wear and detergent additives in an effort to obtain more robust protection at high temperature and heavy load.

Champion 600 Series Racing Brake Fluid Dot 4 was developed for extreme racing applications where a dry boiling point exceeding minimum requirements is preferred. The Champion 600 Brake Fluid is a high-performance brake fluid developed for severe duty racing applications under high heat and extreme pressure. This new to the commercial market brake fluid is race proven by domestic and international top-tier teams.

Champion PowerShield® Break-In Motor Oil is formulated to reduce the potential of engine failure during hard break-in. The formulation is based on proprietary technology containing unique high levels of zincthiophosphates, in combination with Champions proprietary TVS® (Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer), which extends oil film capacity for proper ring seating. Professional engine-builders that use Champion PowerShield® Break-In Motor Oil will experience the difference provided by numerous barriers of protection.

Champion Classic & Muscle Motor Oil is developed for the classic, vintage, hot rod, and muscle car market. These purpose built Motor Oils are designed to protect high performance engines by replacing the vital additives that have been removed from current API spec oils. Champion Classic & Muscle Motor Oils contain a high zinc and phosphorous formula designed to deliver the correct balance of chemistry to protect vintage and high performance engines, especially those using flat tappet and roller cams.

About the company: Champion Brands, LLC, is a globally recognized industry leader in specialty lubricants for over 55 years. Champion also produces and blends over 300 products including fuel, oil, engine additives, and lubricants for the racing, automotive, heavy truck, agricultural, industrial, and specialty markets. For more information call Champion at 800-821-5693 or 660-885-8151. Champion Brands, LLC; 1001 Golden Drive, Clinton, MO, or go to http://www.ChampionsUseChampion.com