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Nice Hot Rod photos

Check out these hot rod images:

El Cajon Classic Car & Hot Rod Cruise Night
hot rod
Image by christopherallisonphotography
El Cajon Classic Cruise – Opening Night 06/04/08.
Cloudy cool and misty, Still lots of cars and big crowds.
1950 Mercury – Lonley Teardrops.
I have taken pictures of this car before, I really love it so I was very happy to see it at the show. As I was walking up to the car over the radio/speaker the song "Lonley Teardrops" By Jackie Wilson came on, I thought how perfect.

Nice Hot Rod photos

Check out these hot rod images:

4th Annual Hot Rod Round Up
hot rod
Image by DVS1mn
4th Annual Hot Rod Round Up
October 5, 2014
Rollie’s Longnecks & Rednecks
Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

Thousands more of my car pictures available by clicking link below:

Hot Wheels
hot rod
Image by ATOMIC Hot Links

Transformers Hot Rod Revoltech
hot rod
Image by mdverde
Nombre: Hot Rod
Afiliación: Autobot
Línea: Revoltech
Año: 2008
Número de adquisición: 253

Los Revoltech me encantan porque tienen articulaciones increíbles que permiten hacer poses asombrosas.

En este caso adquirí a Hot Rod, en una oferta en la tienda japonesa HLJ.


Name: Hot Rod
Allegiance: Autobot
Line: Revoltech
Year: 2008
Number in Collection: 253

I love Revoltech figures because they have unbelievable joints that allows amazing poses.

This time I got Hot Rod, in a sale in the japanese store HLJ.


Nice Classic Car photos

A few nice Classic Car images I found:

Silent Night, Colorful Night
Classic Car
Image by Frederic Mancosu
Hey folks!

Wow, it’s been almost a year since I got off it all, out of the loop, distracted, caught up in work, in life as the calculating people among us would have it be: commute, office, some take away food, more office, meetings, calls, mails and a commute back towards a waiting toothbrush and bed, welcome to the machine. Well, in all fairness I have to admit, family, friends and dog do have their share in all that as well… but as the nights get longer, the lights more colored and the reflections in the wet soil more vivid, the call gets louder. It was there all along, in the back of my head somewhere… and every time I’m standing at the traffic light in the evening now, when the bit of cloud hung daylight has long vanished and the red, green and orange tones of the streets’ illumination engage in a flamboyant ballet among the twisty exhaust fumes and dancing snowflakes, I can hear it sing… it was inevitable, it was bound to happen, I cant resist the call, the beauty in every light, I’m back, I have to get my camera out again, photography is reclaiming its place in my life.

And what a pleasant return it is, yes, granted, I haven’t been out shooting anything for months, but just my diving back into the myriads of brilliant works you guys present here… it really is a treat!

So, to kick things off and for the lack of more recent material, I’d like to share one of the few shots with you that I took this summer, at this legendary place that is the Nurburgring. It is really no more than a little village in the wooden hills around Koblenz, in western Germany that just happens to house one of the worlds longest and twistiest racetracks… It comes then, to no one’s surprise, when once every year, it becomes so much more… a place filled with high octane passion, with as near as makes no difference to 200k motoring enthusiasts, in tents, huts or improvised shelters, spending the night of the year… out on the track… if one is anything close to a petrol-head… this is the only place in the world to possibly be on that particular weekend!

1968 Dodge Charger R/T Avatar – Take Flight
Classic Car
Image by 1968 Dodge Charger R/T | Scott Crawford
The reflection is a crop dusting Biplane just outside of Oaksdale, WA.

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St James Concours of Elegance Classic Car Event
Classic Car
Image by mangopulp2008
St James Concours of Elegance Classic Car Event
Last year this event was held in Windsor Castle but this year in Marlborough House, 10 min walk from Buckingham Palace London. The car owners were not happy at all because driving classic cars and powerful cars in the horrible conditions of London is a nightmare, stop and go, over heating, and the space was limited too. Weather was awful, rain and general wetness was not welcome.