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what is the best solution to remove heavy rust from classic car parts during an automobile restoration?

Question by fluffy1: what is the very best remedy to remove heavy rust from classic car parts in the course of an automobile restoration?
What rust-removal or rust remover items are on the marketplace that will assist with de-rusting heavily rusted antique and classic car parts? also the physique panels have surface rust on them that i will want to get rid of as well.

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Answer by pickmefirstplz
sand blasting the parts is the very best way to go

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Q&A: What are the differences between a classic, hot rod, or vintage restoration and rebuilding?

Question by : What are the differences among a classic, hot rod, or vintage restoration and rebuilding?
Can someone please clarify the differences among:

1) Classic restoration
2) Hot rod restoration
3) Vintage restoration
four) Rebuild

What are the pros and cons of every? What is the price tag difference?


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Answer by sportyjaz

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Muscle Car Restoration: What It Can Do For You

Are you a muscle car owner? If so, how long have you owned your vehicle? If you have owned it for quite some time now, you may be looking for a change. This change doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go out and buy a new vehicle, but it may mean changing the car that you have. If you have a well-known and popular type of muscle car, you may not want to change your car too much. In fact, you may want to think about restoring it back to its original beauty. This process is known as muscle car restoration. If you have yet to think about muscle car restoration, you are advised to do so. After a close examination, you will learn that there are a number of things that restoration can do for you and your car.

Perhaps, the best thing that muscle car restoration can do for you is give you that change, which you may have been looking for. It is no secret that car owners often become bored with the vehicles they have, even if those cars are muscle cars or considered their owner’s “baby.” It is also important to note that muscle car restoration projects come in all different sizes. If you want, you can have a specific portion of your muscle car restored or all of your muscle car restored; the decision is yours to make. This means that you can essentially decide how much you would like to spend on having your muscle car restored, as well as how much of a change it would take to make you happy again.

Muscle car restoration can give your dream car. Although there is a good chance that you take great pride in your muscle car, it might not necessarily be the car of your dreams. There are many car owners, even muscle car owners, who wish that one thing or another was different with their cars. Muscle car restoration can allow you to get the car of your dreams. Although muscle car restoration often involves restoring a car back to its original state, there is another popular form of restoration. This type of restoration is often referred to as “resto-modification.” “Resto-modification,” involves restoring a car, while modernizing it at the same time. For example, if you would like to add in a navigation system, this is still, in a way, considered a form of muscle car restoration. “Resto-modification,” gives you your dream car, without altering it too much.

Although it is most important to examine what muscle car restoration can do for you, it is also important to examine what it can do for your car. Muscle car restoration may be able to increase the value of your car. Of course, for this to happen, the work needs to be professionally done. That is why it is important that you know who you are dealing with when you hire another individual or company to restore your muscle car for you. A poor quality restoration job might not increase the value of your car, but it might decrease it!

As stated above, muscle car restoration can give your dream car and possibly increase the value of your muscle car. If you like what muscle car restoration can do for you, you are advised to speak with a muscle car restoration expert for additional information, including information on the many benefits of having your muscle car restored.

Lamar Burns is a writer for Finished Dreams where you can find accurate information about Muscle Car Restoration [http://www.finisheddreams.com/muscle-car-restoration-resources.php] and other related information.

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