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Ford Mustang GT-350
Nice "ford Mustang" photos
Image by PercyGermany™
The Ford Mustang grew a size for the 1967 model year. Also the car became more powerful with a 390 cid (6.4 litre) big-block option, which boasted some 320 hp, considerably more than the racy Shelby GT-350 had to offer. The power-output of the 1967 GT-350 even was reduced from 306 to 290 hp to comply to noise restriction regulations.
But Shelby overclassed the 390 cid Mustang with a new model: the GT-500. In the GT-500 Ford’s new 428 cid V8 was fitted, a massive 7-litre unit producing a staggering 400 hp @ 5600 rpm. For insurance reasons however a moderate 355 hp was advertised.
The introduction of the more powerful engine options in the Shelby Mustangs meant that Ford’s 289 cid unit became available for the British built, Shelby derived Sunbeam Tiger Mk II, since it could be of no threat anymore on or off the track. Unfortunately the 289 powered Tiger was short lived due to the Chrysler take-over of the Rootes Group, the parent company of Sunbeam.

0368 1965 Ford Mustang
Nice "ford Mustang" photos
Image by bsabarnowl
1965 Ford Mustang
Piedmont Region AACA
Car Show
April 25, 2010