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Collision Clinic

Collision Clinic
Summit Mobile Solutions, Inc.~~Collision Clinic is Your Personal Car Accident Emergency Assistant. No one expects to be involved in a car accident. That is why they are called accidents! Millions of people are involved in a car accident every year. Did you know that there is more than an 80% chance you or someone in your family will be involved in a car accident during your lifetime? Collision Clinic will provide you and your family with access to almost everything you need if you are ever involved in a car accident! Its patent-pending wireless technology provides you and your family with a one-click automated emergency communication system that contacts up to 3 family members, your insurance company, insurance agent and your preferred body shop. It will even send your preferred auto body shop a map of your accident location so they can respond immediately! Because of its GPS location technology Collision Clinic makes it easy for you to locate and contact the closest Police department, Ambulance service, Hospital, Towing Company, Rental Car Company. Collision Clinic also allows you to store your insurance policy, agent, and vehicle information and it also provides you with important information on What to Do if You are Involved in a Car Accident, What to Look for in a Quality Auto Body Shop, and what your Consumer Rights are after you have been in an accident. Collision Clinic even provides you with the ability to complete and save an Accident Report and to take photos at the scene of the accident. You can then send the accident report to your insurance company and body shop! Collision Clinic also makes it easy for you to identify quality body shops with its “thumbs up or down” shop review system.

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Collision ClinicBuying and Caring for Your Car and Insurance for Your Life, Health and Possessions (Lifeworks Series)