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Classic Car “FINDERS FEE”-How do you become a finder?

Classic Car "FINDERS FEE"-How do you become a finder?
by tonylanciabeta

Question by westphalia1: Traditional Car “FINDERS FEE”-How do you turn out to be a finder?
They have ads in Hemmings Motor News providing commissions for finders of pre and post war classic cars (Rolls Royce, Bentley). How does one particular go about getting to be a FINDER for traditional autos? What techniques does the purchaser (who i would be the agent for) use to verify the automobile i uncover if it is accross the nation for sale (or even exterior the USA)? Anyone with encounter? Is a employed automobile dealers license necessary to operate as a traditional vehicle finder?Thank you

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Solution by bnnykllr
several of the points you are asking will extremely from state to state. here, if you are not in fact the one purchasing the automobile- just discovering it, then you would not will need a dealers allow.

you have to have connections. you might want to locate a handful of autos that you can find purchasers for at initial. you have to have a great eye as far as spotting the smallest blemish in the paint or interior. you have to have a excellent understanding of the mechanics so that your ear is educated to choose up a sound from a belt/engine whatever.

as far as if the automobile is across or out of the region- most of the folks acquiring these cars are rich. flying out to search at the car is not a huge expense in their eyes. if you have a excellent popularity several will not even care, they will believe in your instinct and that you know just what they’re searching for.

numerous men and women, except if what they are seeking for is extremely very rare or unusual, are turning to ebay. that, coupled with the economic climate, indicates the industry for the service you want to offer is not really large. also, there are currently a lot of experienced “finders” out there. the cost of classic cars is going down, believe of it kinda like the housing bubble. the industry price of these automobiles has, in some situations, previously dropped tens of 1000’s of dollars.

absolutely examine out the huge, effectively acknowledged auctions- barrett jackson for instance. subscribe to the collectors magazines. befriend the regional chapters of the classic vehicle clubs in your region. get a damn good notion of what different many years/helps make/versions are value.

here are some back links, each huge names and men and women i know personally

this is not something you can get into correct away and expect to support your self in a comfy lifestyle. it will take a whole lot of perform, obtaining to know the correct folks, finding good clientele and creating your status.

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