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The Truth Behind the Numbers – Identifying Your Chevelle SS

WATERTOWN, Minn. (PRWEB) October 28, 2005

Is your Chevelle SS authentic or is it a clone? Author Jeffrey Steffes answers this question and more in Chevelle SS 1964-1972, A Muscle Car Source Book (JC Publishing). Steffes will walk you through the process of identifying an authentic Chevelle Super Sport. His book unveils the mystery by providing VIN and body tag decoding, production data, engine specs, technical details, and historical facts.

The author’s personal experience is what inspired him to write Chevelle SS 1964-1972, A Muscle Car Source Book. In his haste, he bought a 1970 Chevelle SS 396 which was not what it appeared to be. Steffes wants to help others avoid this same mistake by providing them with the ammunition needed to determine their Chevelle’s authenticity. “If the car is found to be a clone, the unsuspecting buyer could end up paying considerably more then the car’s actual value,” says Steffes.

Steffes has been an avid muscle car enthusiast since his teens. Over the years, he has owned numerous Chevelle Super Sports and has attained a vast amount of knowledge through hands-on experience and reading every book available on the subject. He has a prominent website and answers questions daily on various Chevelle related topics. Steffes is an active member of ACES – American Chevelle Enthusiasts Society.

Chevelle SS 1964-1972, A Muscle Car Source Book can be ordered from JC Publishing, PO Box 796, Watertown, MN 55388, phone: (612) 770-1542, or at The price is $ 19.95 plus $ 3.95 for shipping and handling.


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